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My views on a specific environmental sustainability involve recycling. Currently, we have tons of plastic waste ending up in our oceans each year. The plastic becomes broken up into tiny bits that seem close to impossible to clean up. They are harmful to us and the wildlife we depend on.

In the past, we believed our oceans were so vast, nothing we did would have a lasting impact on them. Now we know it is not that difficult to leave a lasting impression on our environment. In our culture, it is normal to use plastic and then dispose of it. We usually do not think about where the plastic will end up. Some people reuse plastic maybe twice. For example, they may reuse a Ziploc bag or use a Walmart grocery bag in their trash bin.

I believe our society is capable of developing alternative methods to limit the production of plastic so that our environment does not suffer from the longterm effects of plastic ending up in our oceans. Humble Inquiry can help us inform and educate others about the negative impacts of plastic on our environment sustainability. The United States is not as long term orientated as other nations which explains why we do not think twice about using plastic once and then disposing of it. We also tend to be more individualistic than other nations. This tendency explains why we do not pay much attention to the way plastic is impacting wildlife. We do not prioritize taking care of society as a whole for the longterm sustainability of our environment. Other cultures who are longterm orientated and focus more on society as a whole would be more proactive about this issue.

Humble Inquiry can help make a positive impact in our society for developing a strategy to resolve the issue of plastic waste ending up in our oceans by gathering information on why individuals and organizations find using plastic to be convenient. Humble Inquiry can then be used to share about the environmental concerns plastic is causing. We can then further inquiry whether individuals and organizations will be willing to accept possible alternatives to plastic.

For the Leather Industry, one may automatically assume it is harming the environment and overall eco-system. The reality is, because leather a bi-product of an animal that has already been used for meat and other purposes it doesn’t directly impact the environment. Many people must understand that synthetic leather such as PU or Faux leather, actually harm the environment because it can be released into landfills causing toxicity and waste. As genuine leather can be used for many years to come.

Our exciting leather products can be used for travel, adventures, road trips, trekking, backpacking, etc.

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