Our Story

LeatherDrive a Chicago based company specializing in ready-made garments, Custom-Made Leather Jackets, Repairs and Alterations. All of our products emphasize luxury and value at an affordable price point. Each garment is carefully crafted with Full Grain Leather ensuring incomparable quality control and the best standard hide. Since 1976, we have catered our products to a variety of retail stores and to the most reputable fashion brands.

Simply put, we have noticed a growing trend of retailers selling overpriced, substandard items claiming to be “leather”. This, along with designers selling a name and ignoring quality, led us to believe that there needed to be a change. There had to be a cost-effective method for the consumer to purchase high quality leather goods without the mark ups of a traditional retailer. Unable to find an existing solution, LeatherDrive was born.

Our History

In 1976, our original location was established in Chicago’s bustling wholesale district, Clark Street. That store titled “International Leather Source” specialized in wholesale and retail leather fashion. It gained popularity quick and drew a massive following from clients all over the United States and Europe. Fast forward 10 years we grew from 1 single store to 9 flagship locations around the Chicagoland and Wisconsin area. To add, our private label brand; Gina Severino, Cool Rider USA, ILS ITALIANO and SARVANO were found on the racks and mannequins of all the hottest boutiques and mid-scale department stores worldwide. ILS also had exclusive contracts with various Hollywood and Television producers for supplying on-set wardrobes. We had A-list celebrities from musicians, athletes and even politicians rocking our leathers throughout the 90s and early 2000s.

Since the recession of 2008, we have made the conscious decision to focus on our online operations and our single showroom in Chicago.

Our Commitment

Today, LeatherDrive has goods for every season and a wide array of colors. Our product lines are diverse and range from-business, travel, personal, home decor and beyond. All of our hides are internationally sourced and range from local farms in the United States and the fashion hub of the world, Italy. We pride ourselves on having the most prestigious skins in the industry and being the first e-tailer to provide Custom-Made to Order Leather Jackets. Our Showroom and warehouse are strategically located in Chicago, IL USA; this Midwest location enables an advantage by offering a swift turnaround time on all orders regardless of your geographic location.

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