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Environment Sustainability- Recycling & Organizations.

My views on a specific environmental sustainability involve recycling. Currently, we have tons of plastic waste ending up in our oceans each year. The plastic becomes broken up into tiny bits that seem close to impossible to clean up. They are harmful to us and the wildlife we depend on.   In the past, we believed our oceans were so vast, nothing we did would have a lasting impact on them. Now we know it is not that difficult to leave a lasting impression on our environment. In our culture, it is normal to use plastic and then dispose of...

May 05, 2019 0 comments

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The Art of Making Leather Jackets

The Art of Making Leather Jackets
How Leather Jackets are made, differences between REAL and FAKE, innovations in leather tanning and the future outlook.
Dec 05, 2018 1 comment

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